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Discreet Security Risk Management and Counter-Espionage Solutions for Corporate and Private Clients.

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Sloane Risk Group

We are a known and trusted Security Risk Management Consultancy, offering bespoke solutions for complex private and corporate security problems both in the UK and around the globe.

About Sloane
Risk Group

Sloane Risk Group is a female-led security risk consultancy, offering a range of protective security and counter-espionage solutions to private and commercial clients across a range of sectors including finance, law, the arts, construction, and facilities.

Our founder Hayley Elvins gained her operational experience from serving in the Royal Military Police, Close Protection Unit. She then worked as an operational officer within the Ministry of Defence for ten years gaining a plethora of strategic experience which led to the creation of Sloane Risk Group. With equally impressive backgrounds, our management team and range of consultants are well established to understand the challenges which our clients face in both corporate and hostile environments.

Sloane Risk Group's core ethos is to demonstrate high standards, integrity, and professionalism to our clients, peers, and supply chain. Our clients value our passion for raising security awareness and conveying our knowledge and experience of government level security to create security excellence within the private sector.

The SRG brand has become known as one which is valued and trustworthy, where we build lasting relationships with our clients, understand their requirements, and always perform above and beyond their expectations.

Our vast experience, dedication to emerging methods and industry best practice alongside a continuous effort to invest in our people ensures that we are always able to match and better the service delivery of our competitors.

Our services are split across 6 component areas:



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Personal Protection


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Insider Risk

Protection from insider risk should be a fundamental element of an organisation’s security strategy. Employees, contractors, suppliers and business partners walk straight past physical security measures and have access to systems and assets within an organisation. An insider is a person who exploits or has the intention to exploit, this legitimate access for unauthorised purposes

Physical Penetration Testing / Red Teaming

Whether it is physical, cyber, or an operation combining both, we provide a comprehensive Penetration Testing service that will audit the quality and effectiveness of your security measures. Once we have identified your security vulnerabilities we will make recommendations of how you can improve them.

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Our former Government agents will ensure that your home, offices and vehicles are secure. We use the most sophisticated equipment available and conduct both physical searches and technical sweeps which will detect any covert surveillance devices which may be invading your privacy.

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Close Protection

We supply a range of personal protection options, from occasional bodyguards to complete residential security teams and close protection officers who will accompany you full time, whilst at home, work or when travelling overseas.

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We conduct both Due Diligence and Open Source (OSINT) investigations and offer a one-on-one service to clients to examine their OSINT vulnerabilities. We show high profile and vulnerable clients how to change their behaviour, to prevent hostile digital profiling against them and assist with data removal if necessary.

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Corporate Security Training Packages

We frequently create bespoke corporate training packages for large and small companies. Some of our recent requests include:

Counter surveillance and anti-surveillance awareness workshops for executives.
Employee security awareness
Physical penetration testing for corporate cyber departments
Hostile environment awareness training
Lone female traveler workshops
Working with a Close Protection team


We provide high-end, trustworthy, and discreet corporate surveillance and surveillance detection services. Specialising in both physical and technical deployments in rural and urban locations.

We also offer:


Counter & Anti Surveillance


Surveillance Awareness Training


Protective Surveillance

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Exciting News

We are pleased to share that our founder Hayley Elvins has been awarded her certification as a Chartered Security Professional, recognised as the gold standard in security practice. She was presented her certificate at the Register of Chartered Security Professionals 12th annual dinner. To learn more about the register click here.

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