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From initially specialising in executive and staff surveillance awareness training, we have grown and now offer a range of bespoke security awareness training packages created for executives, staff, journalists and those in UHNW professions. All can be presented via our e-learning platform or in person.

Surveillance Awareness Training

Frequently attended by executives, journalists and staff working closely with ultra-high net worth individuals. This workshop is suited for those who may be targeted by competitors wishing to gain intelligence, and for people, who due to the nature of their status or business type could be at risk of hostile surveillance, attack or kidnap.

The workshop can be adapted to suit the client from a two-hour presentation to a two-day exercise, focusing on the intelligence that hostile operators will try and establish, where they will position themselves, how they will conduct a follow, what equipment they might use, how to detect and evade them, as well as providing some specific security and safety advice.

Benefits include:

Tailored for each individual business and client, focusing on the threats which they face.

A safer and more secure lifestyle

Presented by qualified, experienced instructors and suited to all learning styles.

Canine Surveillance Awareness

Endorsed by the professional dog walkers association and a new addition to our training portfolio, this workshop is designed to counter the threat of criminals conducting surveillance operations to steal loved family pets and working dogs.

In light of the surge of dog theft for pedigree breeding, illegal fighting and ransom since the pandemic, this course teaches attendees how to improve their security awareness, how to detect if they are being followed, how to deter potential criminals and safety and security advice which should be adopted in everyday life.

Suited for those in canine professions, for owners, breeders and staff. This course can be delivered for both groups and individual households and is now available as a certified e-learning course.

Certification for dog walkers to showcase their surveillance awareness skills to clients.

Reduces the threat of losing a beloved pet or reputational damage to canine professionals.

Provides holistic security advice for everyday life.

Surveillance & Security for UHNW Nannies

This workshop is designed for nannies who work with or without an executive protection team for ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients.

It teaches situational awareness, child security games, working alongside an executive protection team, identifying both technical and physical surveillance and how to react to an attack.

This course can be delivered for both groups and individual households and is now available as a certified e-learning course.

Provides valuable skills, which will stand out on any job application.

Ensures both youself and children in your care will be safer.

Helps to build a strong working relationship with close protection operatives.

For further information or for a free quotation please contact us.


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Exciting News

We are pleased to share that our founder Hayley Elvins has been awarded her certification as a Chartered Security Professional, recognised as the gold standard in security practice. She was presented her certificate at the Register of Chartered Security Professionals 12th annual dinner. To learn more about the register click here.

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