Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Also known as bug sweeping

Our former Government, expert Technical Surveillance Counter Measures team, begin a TSCM survey with a threat assessment to determine the level of sophistication and access most likely to be available to hostile parties.

The actual TSCM survey consists of two parts, an electronic sweep and a physical search using the latest electronic counter-measures equipment.

Upon completion of the survey, the findings and any recommendations to further minimise the likelihood of a successful technical surveillance attack are presented in a comprehensive report.

This service can be conducted for business premises, residences, and vehicles.

Business Security

A proactive approach, mitigating the damage which can result from insider threat and corporate espionage.

Privacy Confirmation

We frequently sweep the residential addresses of executives, journalist and celebrities who have a reason to suspect that their privacy may have been compromised.

Former Government Operators

Our operators are all highly experienced former government employees, using professional grade technical surveillance counter measures/ bug sweeping equipment.

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