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Insider Risk

Protection from insider risk should be a fundamental element of an organisation’s security strategy. Employees, contractors, suppliers and business partners walk straight past physical security measures and have access to systems and assets within an organisation. An insider is a person who exploits or has the intention to exploit, this legitimate access for unauthorised purposes.

The motivations and capabilities of insiders vary, some organisations can be at risk of up to sixty separate types of insider risk event. An insider may deliberately seek employment within a specific organisation to conduct an insider act, or they may be triggered to act at some point during their employment either by becoming disenchanted by their employer or through coercion by a third party, typically a criminal, competitor or state actor. The most common forms of malicious insider events are corporate espionage, theft of IP, theft of data, fraud, sabotage and unauthorised disclosure. Inadvertent insider events are more common but less costly often stemming from a lack of training or poor security culture. The results can be data leaks and breaches, or detrimental acts enabled by staff who have been socially engineered by attackers. The end result of both malicious or unintentional insider risk can be both financial and reputational damage including regulatory impacts.

Our insider risk consultancy service assists with every aspect of an organisation’s insider risk journey starting from assessment of current security maturity, security culture and insider risk strategy development to the introduction of innovative technology solutions, enhanced vetting procedures, staff training and insider crisis event management and investigation

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