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Counter-Surveillance and Security Awareness – Prevent Dog Theft

Counter-surveillance and security awareness training for dog owners, extreme or a necessary service?

One of the reactions of the pandemic is the uptake in pet ownership, with more time to enjoy country walks and a desire for companionship many people have added a new dog or puppy to their family. The negative impact of this is a surge in pet theft by organised criminals who target dogs which they breed for profit, use for illegal fighting and even ransom back to their owners.

More than 60 dogs are stolen in the UK per week and less than 5% of these cases lead to a conviction. In October Tom Hunt MP called for pet theft to become a specific offence, this would result in tougher sentencing for pet theft. Currently most cases are heard in the magistrates court where convictions typically only incur a £250 fine, the same punishment as the theft of an inanimate object. For more information see

The stories that unfolded in 2020 tell heartbreaking tales of support dogs, working dogs and children’s pets being stolen often in blatant and planned attacks. The stereotypical example of a dog being taken from outside a shop whilst their owner popped in for a quick pint of milk has been replaced with accounts of sophisticated methods of breaking and entering property, people being placed under surveillance and followed home whilst walking their pets and even being violently attacked for their dogs.

These advanced attacks have resulted in the need for serious countermeasures. We have recently been asked to provide several of our clients and their households with security awareness and counter-surveillance training which they can subtly deploy to remain safe whilst walking their dogs. This has led to the creation of our specialist canine counter-surveillance project which 2021 will see us roll out as an online and in-person security awareness service for our clientele.

Our training programs are based on years of counter-espionage experience and include subjects such as how to raise your awareness levels, how to identify if you are under surveillance, how to deter potential criminals, what to do if you suspect that you are being followed and safety and security advice which should be adopted in everyday life.

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