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The Case Study Series Day 4 – An Unconventional Close Protection Operation

Day 4 of the Case Study Series describes an unusual close protection/ executive protection request. 

 Close Protection/Executive Protection 

The perception of Close Protection or Executive Protection usually presents the image of celebrities, politicians, royalty, and high net worth individuals utilising bodyguards due to their status, wealth, or political bearing. However, one of our recent operations involved a very different principal. 

Our Principal 

Our principal was an astounding lady, she was well educated with a deep interest in culture, art, the environment, music and history. She was extremely wealthy but unknown publicly. The reason that she required our protection was that she was tremendously vulnerable. 

She had been a victim of cuckooing, which is where criminals such as drug dealers and con artists will move into the residence of a vulnerable person and exploit them, often taking their possessions, money, benefits and abusing them for their own interests. 

Our client had various medical problems and requested our full-time assistance to keep her safe within her home, escort her when she went out and to help her with her daily routine. Many of her requirements were suited to medical professionals and would not be expected of the average bodyguard. However, as we have seen an increase in close protection requests for vulnerable people over the last two years, we were able to source a range of paramedics, nurses, and rare operators with a unique mixture of medical knowledge, soft skills, patience, and close protection experience who were ideal for her situation. 

The Deployment 

Due to the nature of our principals ailments, the task required some careful planning and bespoke policy and procedure creation. Covid added extra complications. 

Our client was terminally ill, due to her condition, she was not an easy person to look after, she was often angry and frustrated. However, our team were amazing, they went above and beyond their job description to make her last months happy ones, taking great care to provide her with human interaction and the comfort and safety that she needed. 

Slone Risk Group would like to thank all of the operators involved, you know who you are and you did an amazing job. 

For further information regarding extra-ordinary close protection services please contact us: 


Phone: 0203 633 0672


Address: 71-75 Shelton St, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ 

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