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Day 2 of our Case Study Series, looks at one example of how we have provided Counter Surveillance.

The Client

Our client was a journalist who was going to release a story which she realised could cause retribution from the entity that she was writing about. She had arranged a meeting with a source who was going to provide her with some information, but she was concerned that they could be related to the subject of the story and might attempt to follow her home to cause her harm or to prevent the story from being released.

She approached us and requested that we provide her with assistance in attending the meeting and getting home safely afterwards.

Client Consultation

We established where the meeting was planned to be held and created a counter-surveillance route that she could use to get to the meeting, and then away. Ensuring that if she was followed, we would detect it and be able to warn her. As an extra precaution, we placed a protective surveillance detail at the meeting venue. This was a close protection trained undercover team who would be able to remain at a discreet distance but keep an eye on her to ensure she felt safe.

Counter Surveillance 

A counter surveillance route is a historic espionage tactic, consisting of a logical route which one would appear to naturally take. Along it are three points where a counter surveillance operator will be positioned to identify surveillance and communicate it to the person being followed. This enables the person to continue with the awareness that they are being followed, attempt to lose the person or abandon their planned destination.

We also advised our client that if the meeting venue was changed at the last minute, she was to cancel the meeting, as she would not be able to travel the planned counter surveillance route and an experienced threat actor could potentially also place surveillance at the venue to detect our protective surveillance team should they relocate.

The Deployment

In this instance, the meeting was legitimate. She was given the material that she was hoping for, successfully walked the planned counter-surveillance route afterwards and was able to travel home in safety. However, the precaution of utilising counter surveillance has proved highly beneficial to many of our clients.

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